Package Period – 25 APR – 02 MAY

MEDiterranean WAVE swim week PROGRAM 2016:

Day 1. Arrival Monday: Your hostess Katerina Sakelliou together with your swim guide Spiros Rois will welcome you on arrival. This afternoon is kept free so that you can explore the area around Askeli, you can relax by one of the pools nearby, or take a “reconnaissance” swim in the clear blue seas just ahead of your accommodation. In the evening Spiros will introduce you to the week program and explain a bit about the swimming sessions you’re going to participate in. Dinner is served in our bistro Odyssey’s Corner.
Day 2. Tuesday: After breakfast you prepare for your first swimming session. Together with your fellow swimmers you start from Askeli Beach and head to the right where is the beach of Poros High School. You will get used to the sea temperature and once arrived you’ll return, via the more open sea route, to the far end of Askeli beach just below the Panagitsa church. Total distance is approx. 3 km. After lunch you’ll take a rest until around 5PM, at which time the second swimming session start and you head out leftwards from Askeli towards the monastery of the island and will return via the same route (3,5 km) to the beach near your accommodation.
Day 3. Wednesday: Today we get a bit more adventurous and grab one of the local taxi boats that brings us to the uninhabited island of Modi. Here we’ll jump in the sea and head for the shore of Poros. This distance is about 4 km. We’ll have lunch together. The afternoon you may use to recover from your morning adventure, or join the optional historical walk into Poros town. In the evening after the group-dinner there will be a video session to analyze your swimming techniques of the first 3 swimming sessions.
Day 4. Thursday: This day is similar to day 2; you will have a morning session where your target will be the lighthouse at the entrance of Poros (5 km). After lunch you’ll have a break until 5 and then you’ll return to the Monasteri beach for a swim into the open sea for a distance of about 3-4 km.
Day 5. Friday: After breakfast you will visit one of the nicest beaches of Poros. You’ll head out leftwards, make the crossing and return from the other side of this natural harbor to the place you started from. (approx. 4 km). Both lunch and dinner are at Odyssey and the second analysis session starts after dinner. In the evening we’ll participate in the Easter march, a must when you’re in Greece with Easter
Day 6. Saturday: Today is about the “Escape from the Castle”. A taxi boat will bring you to the uninhabited Caste Island and you need to escape from this prison all by yourself! (approx. 4 km). Of course we’ll celebrate our escape with a small ceremony where you receive a diploma and medal. The party starts after dinner. Stay up late to welcome the new light of Easter.
Day 7. Sunday. A free day which you can organize by yourself. A suggestion would be to participate in the Easter activities, and celebrate with everyone that stays at Odyssey.
Day 8. Monday: Departure, after your last delicious breakfast this “training holiday” is already over.
Swimming Camp: Long distance swimming, Poros, Greece, 2016

 Included are:

  • 7 nights in Odyssey Centre, including daily breakfast.
  • 7-8 swimming sessions, under guidance of a professional trainer incl. local transfers to different swimming locations.
  • 2 video analysis of swimming techniques of all participants,
  • 7 Breakfasts in our bistro (Odyssey’s Corner)
  • 5 Lunches, either in our bistro, on-site or a picnic.
  • 4 Dinners incl. a welcome dinner in our bistro.
Arrival: Transfer by own means from the airport in Athens to Odyssey Centre Poros Island,
Note: Arrival at airport should be before 16:00 as to be able to continue your journey to Poros by bus and ferry or hydrofoil. Alternative transfers via taxi or taxi-bus for groups, upon request.
Departure: Transfer by own means from Odyssey to the airport in Athens.
Note: Departure from airport should be after 12:00 noon, as to be able to catch the first boat from the island and still arrive in time. Again, alternative transfers via taxi or taxi-bus for groups, upon request.
Extras-Start Pack: Sports bag, including swimming camp logbook and many other goodies such as a swim cap, t-shirt and PVC bracelet with safety whistle.

Booking period:

  • Arrival Data, see agenda below
  • Bookings outside above mentioned dates , on request.
Events: Some weeks can be extended by an additional 2 day stay-over as to include participation in a swimming event on the island or a nearby location. Inform for possibilities related to your preferred period.
The prices below are for those that will fully participate in the swimming camp program. For those that want to accompany their partners but do not want to participate in all the swimming events there will be a price reduction. This price reduction is applicable in case both partners share the same room.
  • Prices are exclusive flight and transfer from and to airport in Athens.
  • Price is based upon two people sharing one apartment, independent whether both or only one participates
  • It is possible to get a taxi at a reduced price for the transfer to Poros upon booking. A taxi holds 4 people and will cost approx. 160 euro, a taxi bus holds a max. of 8 people and will cost approx. 200 euro.
  • In case of included transfer we need the flight number and arrival time at least 1 week in advance!
  • Taxi pick-up from a different location in Athens instead of the airport is also possible, just let us know in advance
EXTRAS of PERIOD: The specific period April 25th to May 02nd is the Great Week of Christianism and end on Sunday which called EASTER. There are many manifestations and ceremonies during that days which are extraordinary to watch them. Many suggestions for these holy days to have a great time at the island.
Dates Bootcamp Swim, price per person Non participating partner, Price per person
April 25th to May 2nd 2016 985 € 785 €